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SCHMIDT legal | Rechtsanwalt Daniel SCHMIDT

SCHMIDT legal | Rechtsanwalt Daniel SCHMIDT has been advising companies and entrepreneurs at the highest level since 2008

Since 2008 Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT has been advising national and international clients in all areas of commercial and civil law at the highest level.

Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT has worked exclusively in large law firms - starting with Gleiss Lutz, Stuttgart in the field of corporate / corporate litigation - and law firms that operate at the level of large law firms in terms of content.

Due to his additional long-standing interdisciplinary consulting together with tax advisors and auditors, Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT distinguishes himself from classical legal advisors. His focus in every phase of consulting is not only on a legal, but also on a commercial approach. The achievable results and the cost-benefit ratio are in the foreground.

Contemporary work processes - (largely) paperless office, predominant use of digital legal databases and physical provision of resources just in time - are just as natural as a progressive ecological approach. For this reason too, remuneration is based on fractions or multipliers of the RVG rate or hourly rates.

Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT has a network of highly specialized consultants from all relevant fields and scientific staff at his disposal. Depending on the scope of the advice, teams with practical experience can reliably conclude major contracts without a start-up period.

Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT advises and represents his clients comprehensively, bindingly and in a resource-saving manner. His main focus is on litigation and avoiding litigation through optimal contract design.

You can find detailed information about Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT at www.ra-daniel-schmidt.de