Practice Areas


Dispute Resolution

Daniel SCHMIDT is a specialist in civil litigation.


Daniel SCHMIDT's services range from exhaustive, scientifically based, optimal representation in legal disputes - which is primarily recommended in complex legal disputes with high amounts in dispute - to secure legal enforcement with the greatest possible protection of costs.

Daniel SCHMIDT accompanies his clients through all instances and also appears - together with BGH lawyers - before the Federal Supreme Court. 

Successful legal enforcement requires not only a comprehensive understanding of the relevant case law and legal literature, but first and foremost a convincing presentation of the subject matter of the dispute. 

Daniel SCHMIDT represents clients in complex legal disputes involving amounts in the double and triple-digit millions, in one case with the highest amount in dispute in Germany at the time of EUR 3.5 billion in a complex shareholder dispute against a DAX 30 company. 


In the event of (imminent) conflicts, Daniel SCHMIDT clarifies the facts of the case, evaluates them from a legal point of view and analyses the opportunities and risks of legal action. In doing so, Daniel SCHMIDT also advises on the question of an existing insurance and on the possibilities of financing a lawsuit. Together with the client, Daniel SCHMIDT develops and implements a comprehensive conflict strategy.

The focus of the advice is always on avoiding litigation by identifying alternative dispute resolution options. 

If litigation cannot be avoided, attorney Daniel SCHMIDT also advises on public relations and handles civil, criminal and regulatory investigations and proceedings in Germany and abroad.


Attorney-at-law Daniel SCHMIDT represents the interests of his clients nationwide before courts of all branches.

A particular focus is also on parallel advice on litigation already in progress, the assessment of the prospects of success of legal remedies and appeals and the conduct of recourse proceedings against advisors.


Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT obtains or defends against injunctions nationwide. 


Daniel SCHMIDT also advises his clients in the field of criminal law, in particular white-collar crime, both preventively and in ongoing criminal and administrative fine proceedings. In addition to the classical defence, this also includes the protection of rights as an injured party. 


Daniel SCHMIDT also represents clients in official proceedings and regularly works together with experts in tax and special administrative law. Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT is trained and experienced in dealing with authorities. 

Contract design

Attorney Daniel SCHMIDT is a specialist in contract drafting.


Not least due to his many years of practice in civil law disputes, lawyer Daniel SCHMIDT distinguishes himself from classic legal advisors in contract drafting.

Only through in-depth knowledge of how contractual clauses and terms - individually and in interaction with other contractual provisions - are or can actually be interpreted by the courts in serious cases, is lawyer Daniel SCHMIDT in a position to draft short, comprehensible and, above all, legally secure contracts that guarantee clients clarity of the provisions and security in their enforcement.